Post Ultra Duldrums

Here I am click-clacking on the keyboard instead of run-running like I would like.  So the feeling in a state of worthlessness starts….

I know it is all in my head.

I know I just have to let my legs and feet heal up.

I know I am not invincible…. Even if it felt so at times on the race course.

I know I need rest.

UGH!… REST… I hate that word. I preach it to my clients.  Know it is good for me, but do I have to like it?? Nope. Sure don’t.  yet here I sit with my foot in cold water typing this.  Playing it smart.  It is gonna be a long year after all.  Got a 24 hour race to look forward to.

Well thank you.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  Rest = Torture for the mind = Great for the body …. I can live with that.

Happy thoughts people.  Happy thoughts.


One thought on “Post Ultra Duldrums

  1. I feel your pain, Brother. Walking the talk when it comes to rest can be tougher than any training program! But that’s when the gains come. That’s when the body rebuilds to handle what you throw at it. We lead by example.


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