Fitness: Conception can be the Devil

I do my best to be light-hearted and fun.  Taking time to enjoy the little things in life … enjoying it as it comes.  I love my job.  Being a personal trainer is a huge privilege, but today something happened that left me perplexed.  Let me explain:

Early in the morning I received a message from a lady I had never met.  She wanted me to train her.  Sounds easy as pie to me, so I set up the initial meeting.   The most important meeting where you discover their goals and start forming a plan to help them get there.  So later in the day she arrived, happy as ever.  She was energetic, soft-spoken, and appeared ready to start the ball rolling.  After introductions I hit her with the most important question: What are your goals?  That is where it got interesting… This happy-go-lucky, yet soft-spoken lady, reached in her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.  She quickly unfolded it and held it at her side, exclaiming “I wanna look like this!”

It was a picture of a super model.  Ugh.  Her eyes were bursting with excitement and here I was with only the answer she didn’t wanna hear.  She must have seen it in my eyes, cause the excitement had left hers.  A million different starting points ran through my head.  So I began with four simple words…. “Let’s talk about it.”  First and foremost, she didn’t have the body type.  I’m not saying that she couldn’t lose weight.  That is possible.  She wanted weight loss that isn’t healthy.  Not wanting to directly insult her, I left the body type issue for further in the conversation.  Instead, I led off what I knew would be a not fun conversation by asking her if she thought the anorexic/bulimic super model in the picture looked healthy.   Her response in total came out to, “I have to look like this.”  I teach functional fitness.  I help people strengthen themselves, not destroy themselves.  I truly tried.  Gave her many different healthy fitness avenues she could go down.  They weren’t good enough to her though.  In her mind, she had to be super model skinny.  Sadly, I had to let her know I couldn’t work with her.  Boy was she pissed.  She had a few choice words for me and I took them with professionalism.  When she stormed off mumbling, I felt bad.

I felt bad for her.  All her life society has paraded unhealthy models for her to see.  They have warped this poor lady to thinking she has to look like that.  It’s shameful really.  Honestly, I haven’t a clue how women put up with that kind of pressure.  It is bad enough you all have to go through child labor, but to add image issues on top of that?!? My hat goes off to the few that truly understand where they stand, and goals that are achievable.  I was truly perplexed.  I guess conception can be the devil.

I want to leave you with what I believe the secret to functional fitness is.  I mean…. after all this, you need an uplift right??  So here it is:

The secret to good fitness is to wake up every day wanting to be just a little bit better.  Not perfect.  Not leaps and bounds better.  Just a little bit…. because all those bits add up to something great as long as you stay dedicated.  Any goal can be met, within reason.  Positivity is key.  So if you want to entice positive change…. do it! Make today that day! Prove the naysayers wrong and follow your dreams! Believe in yourself!! Cause hey…..

I believe in you!


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