Real Talk with Salty Anchor Fitness

Other than being a running fanatic, I am the owner/operator of Salty Anchor Fitness… my personal training business.  In this line of work I see all sorts of highs and lows.  Everything from tears of sadness to the look of a child on Christmas morning.  I’m not gonna lie, it is rough watching people get upset with themselves.  Life isn’t easy folks…. process that and deal with it.  If goals weren’t difficult to obtain, it wouldn’t be worth it! So deal with it.  So perhaps I will start by telling you this…. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

If you can get that through your head, things won’t be as tough.  Take that lousy self-doubt and fucking throw it away.  It isn’t needed.  On top of that…. Be willing to put in the work!!  There are no quick fixes.  Even surgeries aren’t quick fixes, yet people are all about hopping on that band wagon.  So what is the secret?!  Just fucking believe in yourself!!  End the excuses and take control of your life through hard work and dedication.  People with no arms and legs do obstacle course races, and you are gonna bitch to me about push ups?!

Do yourself another favor…. Take the word “CAN’T” and replace it with “TRY”… Take the word “QUIT” and replace it with “CONQUER“.  The only person holding you back from your goals and dreams is you.  So take a positive approach.

Be the bigger person too.  Quit hating on people because they can do things you can’t.  Work on you, fuck everyone else.  There are many different body types.  I was never meant to be ginormous like power lifters.  Do I cry about it? Hell no.  I am strong, functionally fit… and love me some running.  Play to your strengths.  Everyone has different skill set to bring to the table.  Your skill set might inspire others, so work on you and be humble about it.

Also…. eating right is a pain sometimes.  That is a fact.  No one is perfect.  Find the nutrition plan that is right for you and do your best to stick with it.  Again, nothing happens overnight.  You must be vigilant in your endeavors.  Weight loss, if that is your goal, should be slow and steady.  Don’t be that douche that wants to drop 45 lbs in two weeks.  That is insane! The only way you are dropping that much weight that fast is to quit eating all together and go on a diet consisting of only water and cocaine!  Doesn’t sound too healthy does it?!  So be proud of your progress, even if it is slow.  The long journey is more rewarding…. remember that.

I know this may sound like a lecture, and it certainly isn’t meant that way.  Just real talk.  To be honest, I believe in everyone… even the ones that don’t believe in themselves.  I love my job.  I love helping people.  Think of a world without self-doubt.  A world where people were truly held accountable for their own actions, instead of blaming others.  You can be in that world.  Life is what you make it, so stay dedicated and positive.  Embrace the struggle.  Be that inspiration to others with relentless forward progress.  Why you ask?!?! Because….. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!


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