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Impending Doom or Ultimate Success?!?

I tell people all the time that there are two people in the world that truly love burpees: the man who invented them … and myself.  The mere utterance of the word “burpee” tends to disgust people.  The array of emotions comes out of them uncontrollably, from minor nervousness to straight hatred.  Not me though, I get pretty amped up when I know I get to do burpees.  Is that normal?  Probably not, but like I said… I love burpees!  I have done two burpee miles in my lifetime so far and fondly remember the pain.  Have I gone too far though?

Roll Up

You see one day I was cruising the ole internet looking for races (a common occurence), and came across The Burpee 5K.  Did you feel that stomach of yours flip flop when you read that? A 5k worth of broad jump burpees!  Oh boy!!  The official race is in Illinois so I thought it was a no go.  Then I saw it…. virtual race.  So I signed up.  The race was a no brainer seeing how all proceeds and donations go to The Green Beret Foundation.  Nothing but love for military charities here!  When I registered, I was confident.  When I got the confirmation email however, mild panic.  What was I thinking?  How could I do this to myself? So I have come to this conclusion….

One of my favorite things to do is ultra running.  In this grand running (which is a race over marathon distance, 26.2 miles) you come to expect pain.  It isn’t when the pain hits, it is how you deal with it when it does hit.  So that is my approach to the insanity that is The Burpee 5k… take the pain and trudge onward with relentless forward progress.  The official race is held September 26th, but I have a local 5k to run that day…. so September 27th is my projected date to accomplish this feat that many people have told me is impossible.  All I ask is that you send some good vibes my way that day.  Heck if you want, you can join me.  You can even get a team together and do it as a team.  Here is the link: http://www.theburpee5k.com  … Looking forward to rocking this thing.  Another check in the crazy block it is!  Rock on!!